Remember Only One Password and Encrypt All Others Including Notes & Files

We protect all your passwords and files so you will never need to remember them again.


8 Top Security Features with great control and EVEN MORE!


Offering Reset API to handle multiple calls type, return various data formats, and enable you to change structurally with the right implementation of hypermedia.

AES Encryption

For best privacy experience, providing AES encryption that also supports larger key sizes as compare to 3DES. Auto Encryption technology.

Advance User Control

Experience one of the strongest block ciphers to encrypt your data automatically with a great management system. MORE FEATURES!

Browser Extension

More flexibility to manage your private information just by one click with the support of a browser extension.

Generate Un-Breakable Passwords

Our AI system will develop the most complex password combinations for you that can't be breakable. AUTOMATED PROCESS


We make sure that no one can reach your data if they even steal your app password. We provide a completely secure environment with two factor authentication availability.

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We believe that the digital journey should come with great privacy control and 100% protected. Take a step towards your digital independence.


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How does our user management system work?

Our user management system enables you to store your social account details and also all kinds of personal data related to your office or personal life. The system ensures 100% protection and also encrypt your all type of files as soon as you upload them.


Do I require any additional downloads?

Our service is completely online-based and does not require any third-party integrations or extensions to perform actions. Our system integrates a full set of features ensuring all the components are available to you.


Is there any restriction in using the service?

Our service is available 24hours a day and 365 days in the year, so you may access our user control system anytime and from anywhere. All you need is a stable internet connection!


Is this a secure place for my social and personal life privacy?

We bring the latest technologies in use to keep all your private information safe and easily accessible when need. After your contract termination, we permanently deleted your records from our database.

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